Webhooks for IMIS

A webhook is POST from iMIS, often with a payload of data. Generally triggered by an event in iMIS and sent to a third party system.

Webhooks are one of the most common tools used in integrations and they make comunication between iMIS and third party systems very simple.

The App uses IQA results as the event, to generate a webhook and send it to a third party system. The App differs from ASI's awesome new feature, "Change Notifications" in a number of ways.

  • •    Firstly, it works in both IMIS2017 and EMS offering clients additional options, aiding their digital transformation.

  • •    You can easily configure the integration to use the webhooks with a third party and trust that these will continue to work in EMS.

  • •    Additionally, the application includes a payload rather than just notification of change.

The App can be placed in any iMIS content and is designed to be invisible to give you great flexibility.

  • •    An example of where you might use the App could be during a Join Process, to record the join to an external system. Even record incomplete form data so that member could be brought back to the same place at a later time.

  • •    It could be used after an IMIS form is posted.

  • •    It could be used after an event registration or after survey data is saved to iMIS.

  • •    The flexibility of this approach really allows you to use your imagination as it could be used in countless ways.

  • •    First and foremost, Simplicity. You’ve done half the work for the developer with a few mouse clicks using standard iMIS tools and you don’t have to worry about the complexity happening in the background. By using IQA you can also pull together data from different parts of iMIS that might not normally be available in single API call, further improving performance by reducing the number API calls required.

  • •    Flexibility, The App allows you game changing flexibility, you shape complex data sources into a simple small and efficient webhook, simplifying the process, and improving performance at the same time.

  • •    Cost. By making use of REST, IQA and Azure this app offers endless possibilities for integration, helping organisation save money and move to the cloud with confidence.

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